What’s wrong with this city council?

Why are our city councillors who used to be against LRTs, all of a sudden changing their tune? How could any reasonably intelligent person support an ancient mode of transport that has proven to be a complete disaster on St. Clair Avenue that killed hundreds of businesses and cost so many precious jobs in a city that already lost 300,000 jobs in manufacturing in seven years? Especially a person who has access to all the TTC’s own data that says LRTs stink and are dangerous for emergency vehicles?

And not only to endorse the same, but trying to misrepresent it to Torontonians as ‘rapid’ transport?

Just because LRTs are cheaper, it that a good reason to build something stupid that will paralyze the City? And something that will have to be ripped out in ten to fifteen years at humongous cost because it ruined the neighbourhood or stopped working? Politicians don’t get it. If they don’t know how to do what they should be doing, rather than doing nothing, they will do something completely outrageous and waste our money! Or they do something that will punish businesses who failed to support their hair-brained ideas. And why build something the City of Toronto wanted to abolish in 1966?

Could it be that the brains of some of these councillors get constipated and stop functioning when they have to plan something that costs more than a billion dollars? After all they have wasted much time in the last seven years on 5 cent bags, bottles, bike trails that are never used, and backyard chickens! What really have our lefty councillors achieved in seven years apart from tearing down things that were already built? And now they spend all their time to stop the few great minds on the new council from bringing us into the 21st century! Even the Mayor of New York City in 1892 was smarter than that!

Someone has made these 25 councillors and offer they couldn’t refuse

There can be only one answer. Someone has made these 25 councillors an offer they couldn’t refuse! David Miller used to buy his votes by giving away $50 million dollars in grants every year, the amount given to each ward would vary according to how loyal the councillor in that ward was to his Worship. It is a matter of record that Adam Vaughan’s ward received the most, $4 million dollars dished out to about 180 good causes in ward 15 during the last year Miller was in power, while the wards of the Mayor’s opponents would receive just a bit over one hundred thousand dollars.

They couldn’t do this without Dalton McGuinty’s and now Kathleen Wynne’s help

Dalton McGuinty of course set an example for Miller when he rewarded the former Ontario president of the Liberal Party with a 20-year-contract at $66,000.00 per day (Total $480 million). What would you do for that kind of bread?

With the help of the Ontario Liberals, the middle class in Toronto, the people we desperately need to create jobs, has been decimated in Toronto with Miller’s war on cars and on business and with Dalton McGuilty’s help. They copied Barack Obama who killed the middle class in America and if we don’t stop them, we’ll soon be in the same trouble as Greece; politicians and unions entitled to every perk you can think of, but suddenly no one around able to pay for them!

We must start fighting to take our country back

We must convince the few decent Liberal MPPs to jump ship to the Conservatives and we must wake up the Conservatives to start making some noise instead of being polite politicians afraid to rock the boat! We must teach our politicians to start helping business instead of overtaxing them, and killing them with never ending regulations and then taking their customers away from them by barring access to their premises with phony streetcars called rapid LRTs. We can’t allow McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne to restore their ruined reputation for wasting taxpayer’s money with E-health, ORNGE, Gas Plants, and MARS on the back of streetcars.

Karen Stintz changed her mind about subways five times

Thank heaven she had to good sense not to run again.

Council plays Dirty Tricks

To foist their warped ideas on us, they loaded the panel put together to decide the fate of Sheppard Avenue 5 to 1 with streetcar politicians from the last century despite knowing that the public wants subways. They even had downtown politicians going door-to-door in Scarborough to try and drum-up support for streetcars!

Respect Scarborough and a number of other organizations

Are really just fronts for various labour unions who love LRTs because they will provide perpetual jobs to build more useless streetcars under various names like LRTs or Rapid Transit.

City Councillors and our new Mayor should know better than to fall for that.

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